About us

Mark C.
Steve Z.

We are just two “normal” people doing reviews and suggesting different spirits using everyday language. We will do our best to avoid reviews like the following (except perhaps in jest):

“Moonshine Magic is an elixir that incorporates an aroma which is like a mystical rain forest full of the stench of rotting trees and mischievous flatulent fairies. The taste could best be described as a symphony of flavors dancing on the tongue like tiny malevolent leprechauns with rusty pitch forks.”

Seriously, whisky and spirits should be a fun adventure and not bound up in fancy words and descriptions. Whisky appreciation should not be intimidating either. There are SO many whisky’s out there and we would like to present some of our thoughts on a few of them.

Let’s not forget using whisky as a mixer for cocktails!  Old Fashioned, Whisky Sour, Mint Julep, and Rusty Nail, are just a few “classic” whisky cocktails with more and more “new” additions all the time.  

We may devolve into a few cliches , but will do our best to keep it “real”. 😉